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RAF Hunters in Germany

"RAF Hunters in Germany Front Line Defenders in the Cold War" by Gunther Kipp & Roger Lindsay was the first in-depth service history of the Hunter squadrons in Germany, and gives a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the last day fighter in this important RAF Command, which in it’s 1956/57 heyday had as many Hunter squadrons deployed as Fighter Command in the UK.

Within its 72 A4 pages of high quality art paper there are 170 photographs, including 45 in colour, many of which haven’t been previously published.

Contents include:

  • Hunter F.4, F.6, T.7, and FR.10 squadron operations
  • Personal recollections by 10 former pilots
  • Camouflage and squadron markings
  • Individual histories of Hunters in Germany
  • Hunter accidents
  • Organisation structure, GCI radars, base locations map
  • Aerobatics
  • Armament Practice Station RAF Sylt

Comments from Pilots who flew the Hunter in Germany:

“The Authors have put in a tremendous amount of research into the project and the final result is quite excellent”

“The book has rekindled many memories of exhilarating times and the names of the pilots has brought back many forgotten stories and incidents”

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Fewer than 50 copies of this publication are available and it will not be reprinted.

“What super photos and interesting snapshots of squadron life back there in the ‘fifties”

“My sincere congratulations for producing this informative and beautifully illustrated addition to the annals of aviation history”

Fewer than 50 copies remain of this acclaimed book, which will not be reprinted.

Sample pages from RAF Hunters in Germany

Click on the images of the sample pages below to view or download as a pdf file. sample raf hunters contents page sample raf hunters page 8 sample raf hunters  page 18 sample raf hunters page 27 sample raf hunters page 35 sample raf hunters page 44 sample raf hunters  page 57 sample raf hunters back cover