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Cold War Shield Volume Two

Volume two covers the RAF's Vampire, Venom & Sabre squadrons.

The second volume published in August 2013 with a foreword by Air Vice-Marshal Leslie Phipps CB AFC.

"Moving on from earlier 'Spitfires to Meteors' (Volume 1) the author now continues the full coverage of that transitional period. At home and in Europe the role was essentially deterrence. Overseas throughout the decade the Royal Air Force played an increasing part in disengagement from Empire, and in providing support for other countries - under Treaty obligations or where national interests were perceived to be a factor for direct action. All this comes to life in Roger Lindsay's book. As someone flying in fighter operations at home and overseas throughout the Cold War I cannot help but be one of those finding 'Cold War Shield endlessly fascinating, a time of unbounded enthusiasm when for example most of the day fighter squadrons (and even a NAW squadron) sought to form an aerobatics team. But although I suppose a fighter pilot would reflect that way, there is something here for everyone - the engineer, the aviation enthusiast, the historian, and many others"

  • 368 pages with nearly 600 photographs, many published for the first time, including 80 in colour;
  • Numerous personal recollections by former air and ground crew;
  • Concise histories of every squadron operating these types, complete with individual histories of their aircraft;
  • Camouflage and markings data, complimented by more than 60 colour side view profiles and paintings, over 50 squadron markings and 80 badges;
  • Order of Battle and maps covering all theatres of operations;
  • Support and training types used by the featured fighter squadrons; and
  • Opposing Soviet and Warsaw Pact aircraft types.

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Cold War Shield Voulume Two

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Sample pages from volume two

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